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Landscape Design

Plants and greens are Nature's gift created to offer us asthetic enjoyment, escapism, transquillity and a sense of belonging to an area which is distinctive in nature with a personal identity.  An environment that is unique to you.


Grene Impressions' philosophy and mission is to create an unique sanctuary that will complement the character of each home owner and its surroundings. No two houses will be the same.


Part of our process in offering our services includes a detail discussion on your lifestyle, understanding your intent and maintenance of your priced sanctuary.


Elements of art, form, colours, texture and ecosystems are areas that can truly transform a home into one's personal sanctuary.



Garden Funitures
Culture Services

At Grene Impressions, we believed in building a strong and lasting customer relationship.


Garden maintenace is part & parcel of our services. Seeing how the garden mature and grow, refinement along the way is how we can enhance the art work we both have created.


Understanding the nature and characteristic of each plants in the garden can also help to maximise the growth potential, thus promoting healthy growth of each species.


We are passionate about our work, and we hope you will too about your garden!



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